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Bitter Gourd (करेला)



  • Cucumber is cylindrical shaped green vegetable which belongs to family Cucurbitaceae. Botanical name for cucumber is cucumis sativus and commonly known as kheera in Hindi. This vegetable is famous and available is all parts of the country. Taste of Cucumber is like water as it holds mostly water.
    Nutritional Content:
    •    Vitamins A, C and K
    •    Minerals
    -    Potassium
    -    Calcium
    -    Iron
    -    Magnesium
    -    Sodium
    •    Dietary Fiber
    •    Water
    •    Zero Fat
    •    Zero Cholesterol
    Cucumber can be consumed with or without peeling. It helps as antioxidants and keeps diseases away from the body. Its remedies are used to make skin smooth-and-shine. Dietary intake of cucumber is favourable in maintaining digestive and immune system. The vegetable is best for weight-conscious folks.
    Consumption Methods:
    •    Raw
    •    Soup
    •    Sauté with light oil
    •    Salad