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Curry Leaves (करी पत्ता)



  • Spinach is green-leafy vegetable with broad leaves. It is seasonal vegetable and belongs to family Amaranthaceae. Botanical name for spinach is Spinacia oleracea and commonly famous as Paalak in Hindi. This vegetable is available across the country and is of great medicinal and economy significance.
    Nutritional Contents:
    •    Rich in Vitamin K;
    -    Others in small extent
    •    Minerals
    -    Manganese
    -    Magnesium
    -    Potassium
    -    Iron
    •    Dietary Fiber
    •    Zero Fat
    Spinach is most favourable green-leafy vegetable which serves as medicine for all types of patients. It helps in increasing haemoglobin level of blood. It keeps the immune system strong and functioning so that body can fight with infections and diseases. Best food for dieting purpose. Also helpful in strengthening of bones.  
    Consumption Methods:
    •    Steamed
    •    Soup
    •    Boiled
    •    In Pasta or Sandwiches