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Peach (आड़ू)



  • Banana is a fruit which is covered with a peal of yellow colour and is white fleshy inside. This is also called false fruit as there is no seed there. Banana belongs to the family of Musaceae. Its botanical name is Musa acuminate and commonly famous as Kela in Hindi. Normal banana is 6-inch long and is rich source of Potassium and Carbohydrates.
    Nutritional Elements:
    •    Vitamin B2, B9, Choline and Vitamin C
    •    Minerals
    -    Potassium
    -    Iron
    -    Calcium
    -    Manganese
    •    High Carbohydrate
    •    Fat
    •    Protein
    Banana fruit has many nutritional values and so is beneficial for health. It elevates haemoglobin level in blood and provides energy to the body. Banana helps regain weight. Dietary intake of the fruit prevents stomach ulcers and cure diseases like diarrhoea.
    Consumption Methods:
    •    Raw
    •    Fruit Salad
    •    Shakes