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Garlic Indian (लहसुन देशी)



  • Green chilli vegetable, as the name suggests, is green in colour and is cone-shaped. It can be small or long and belongs to family Solanaceae.  Botanical name for this vegetable is Capsicum annuam and commonly known as mirchi in Hindi. However, it is famous as different names in different parts of the country. Original Green Chilli is quite hot-and-spicy in taste.
    Nutritional Elements:
    •    Vitamins A and C
    •    Minerals
    -    Rich in Potassium
    -    Iron
    -    Calcium
    -    Magnesium
    -    Sodium
    •    Carbohydrates
    -    Dietary Fiber
    -    Sugar
    •    Zero Fat
    Green chilli, despite being spicy, is of great health significant. It is beneficial in treatment of minor cancerous disease. Remedies made with green chilli helps in removing certain types of pain and serves and balms.
    Consumption Methods:
    •    Paste/Chutney
    •    Salad
    •    Curries
    •    Soup